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Photos of our work
DUCTZ Picture Perfect
We take photos during the course of every job.  The purpose of the images is for our technicians to see inside  the air ducts to be sure
that the cleaning effort was effective.  Often, a duct must have several cleaning passes to remove all the debris, particulate,
construction debris, and even children's toys.  The Before and after photos serve as a quality control function in the process.
We call it, Picture Perfect!

We produce a Photo Report on Every Job to Show you how clean we are able to get Your duct system.  Here's a sample report of an
actual duct cleaning report (the names have been changed to protect our customer)
Air Duct Cleaning Report delivered to the customer

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Sample  Duct Cleaning Report
after every job, we produce a report
showing the before and after photos
taken during the duct cleaning process.