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Dryer Vent Bird Entry Prevention
Dryer Vent Bird Entry Prevention, DryerWallVent
We have discovered a new solution to Preventing Bird Entry in dryer vent ducts and home exhaust ducts.

This wall vent is unlike anything else on the market. It features a white powder coated galvanized metal frame and a
lightweight damper that is innovatively
resistent to birds and creates zero back pressure.

The objective of a vent hood for the dryer is basically two fold; prevent back drafts and prevent bird or rodent entry as well as nest
building. Those objectives are met with a well-engineered recessed lightweight metal damper that
• Mitigates the ability for a bird to open the damper    • Provides no Air-flow restriction   • And is easily accessible to duct cleaners

The Dryer Wall Vent’s restriction coefficient is lower than any other wall vent we’ve tested. Less restriction in a dryer vent delivers real
savings to your monthly energy bill.

Designed to Last: Sun and weather take a toll on plastic vents, and the typical aluminum hooded vents dent and deform easily (and we
are often called to clean bird nests out of them too). The stylish Dryer Wall Vent body is constructed out of Paint Grip (Bonderized) steel,
then washed and powder coated to achieve an excessively weather tolerant and strong uni-body. The securing screws are hidden
behind the damper.
Paintable with enamel spray paints to match any color

The Dryer Wall Vent works with lap siding, stucco, brick and many other conventional sidings. The non powder coated hinge pin is
aluminum to offer total corrosion-free protection.           

* installation where the vent penetration is up to 30 feet from the ground.  For installation at greater heights, call for quotation

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Dryer Wall Vent Spec Sheet
Just $125 installed*   call 410-692-9775 for an appointment to keep
birds out of your vent
The DEFENDER bird guard, simple, yet effective.   
Does not plug up with lint like the typical plastic guards
do.  Made of powder coated steel, paintable.
Only $65 installed.