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Air Duct Cleaning Process
The difference is in the Process Brochure (pdf)
Is there a Difference between duct cleaners?
For starters, there is a ton of difference between NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)
certified firms, and those who are not.  NADCA certified companies have received training in properly
cleaning your air ducts, and deploy the source removal method under negative air pressure.  A much
better method than those who simply blow and go, or use a brush attached to a shop vac like device
(though it does take longer, and perhaps costs more), it is the right method to clean your ducts if you
want contaminants and allergens really removed from the system.

That said,
even among those certified, there are differences:
- Many duct cleaners use compressed air with whips and "skipper balls" inserted into the duct to push
debris toward the negative air source
(a very large vacuum system attached to your main trunk lines).  
- DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region, also uses cable driven brushes to fully contact all surfaces of the
duct.  There is a huge benefit to cleaning all the surfaces, vs just where the whip contacted it. (see
photos).  It does take longer, but if the reason you had the ducts cleaned is for allergy and asthma
symptoms, we believe they must be brushed to get the most benefit.
-DUCTZ uses the source removal brush technique, which utilizes cable driven brushes in combination
with compressed air tools, whips and skipper balls while under negative air pressure. Our process is
much more thorough than compressed air alone

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Our process:
As a brief overview, our process involves any number of 127 identifiable and distinct tasks. It demands
an array of tools, machinery, and supplies. And, it includes our exclusive patented process, which
involves the application of a metallic barrier in the air handler, eliminating fiberglass shedding and
preventing the fiberglass from acting like an absorbent sponge, which collects dirt and moisture and
creates a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Our technicians are trained in the complete step-by-step process, gaining a full understanding of
not only how we clean to this high standard, but also why.

‐ Removing and Washing of all registers or vents

‐ Cleaning of all accessible ductwork from the register all the way to the trunk

‐ Cleaning both the supply and return air trunks, as well as the return pans  (I am always surprised that
many duct cleaners forget them)

‐ Cleaning accessible evaporator coil and plenum inside the air handler

‐ Clean accessible Blower Wheel and motor

‐ Clean Air Handler cabinet

‐ Remove all trash, and debris collected from ducts

‐ Seal all access ports to assure no leakage

‐ installation of a premium pleated filter (optional)

Optional Services:
-Dryer Vent Cleaning (we offer a discount when completed at the time of a duct cleaning)
-Type-2 (wet or chemical) cleaning of blowers and coils
-UV-C germicidal lighting installation
(especially for smoke damage, nicotine smell, dead critters, etc)
-Applications of Biostat products to prevent mold re-growth (only when required)

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trunk duct before cleaning
trunk duct after air whip cleaning