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Lint Alert can prevent fires
Clogged Dryer Vent Syndrome
Proper dryer venting is much more important than most homeowners realize.
Considering the stakes involved and the frequency of residential dryer fires, the topic
of dryer venting deserves more attention than it gets.

Take a look behind just about any dryer and you'll see what I mean. In most cases,
one may find the flexible duct hose having multiple bends and crushed against the
wall. Add to that picture some lost socks, an empty fabric softener box and a
considerable accumulation of lint dust and you've described a rather dangerous

Besides the danger of fire, these annoying conditions prolong drying times, waste
energy and contribute to additional lint build-up. Poor quality workmanship, improper
terminations and long duct runs add to the dilemma.

Keep your Dryer Exhaust Safe, Its So Simple, So Advanced!
The LintAlert® is a smart home safety device that monitors and displays the back
pressure levels found in the exhaust conduit of the dryer. Pressure levels found in the
dryer duct typically increase over time due to lint build-up, animal nests or vent hoods
that become inoperable.
The LintAlert® features an innovative and responsive digital pressure sensor.
Coupled with a programmable integrated circuit, the device can determine if your
dryer is ON, and what levels of pressure exist. When the pressure reaches an unsafe
level, the alarm state will activate, indicating maintenance is required. The alarm
state is displayed as: LED light bar flashes on and off alternating with blue logo, with
buzzer beeping. Prior to the alarm state, a slow progression of the LED Blockage
Indicator will display fractional build-up.

Disguised as a simple night light and pass through plug, the LintAlert exhibits a
steady blue light under normal operation.

The included tap fitting is installed in the dryers' transition hose at or near the dryers
exhaust port. The SmartTap™ fitting is connected to the alarm module by a 1/8" tube
and allows the pressure differential switch to monitor the pressure in the flex
transition hose and the balance of the exhaust conduit.

Because electrical outlets are generally at a minimum in the laundry room, a
convenient pass through terminal is provided and is sufficient to carry a maximum of
15 amps.

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