DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region
Contractors Work with DUCTZ
As a Contractor or property manager,
you know you can't refer your customers to just anyone. As a customer, you
know you can't trust those low cost "whole house specials." From DUCTZ, you
can expect the highest quality workmanship, guaranteed, and customer care
that is second to none!

DUCTZ has built trust and long term relationships with many of the most
respected contractors all over Baltimore County, Harford County and Cecil
County.  As a business owner, you can count on DUCTZ Indoor Air
Professionals to uphold the image that you have worked hard to create.

Are you a property owner or manager looking to improve the facilities you
maintain? Property owners and managers have DUCTZ clean the air ducts,
HVAC systems and dryer vents for a host of reasons: cleaner air inside the
building, prolonging the life of the HVAC system, reduced allergy symptoms,
increased quality of air, decreased utility bills (because the system is more
efficient when its clean), and a simple fact that most houses have never had
their air ducts cleaned.

DUCTZ also partners with many types of companies to employ different
aspects of cleaning HVAC systems, air ducts and dryer vents.
Fire restoration companies and mold remediation contractors use DUCTZ to
clean the HVAC units and air ducts. We restore these units to
better-than-before condition, which saves the property owners and insurance
companies from having to completely replace the units and ductwork. This
saves thousands of dollars.

We partner with HVAC contractors to help keep the furnaces and air ducts
clean. Clean units run more efficiently and are a key component to achieving
indoor air quality.

Both residential and commercial builders use DUCTZ air duct cleaning
services to perform post-construction cleanup on the HVAC system and air
ducts. Remodelers use us for the same reason. Construction debris,
sheetrock dust and saw dust all enter the HVAC system and air ducts. We
come in when the construction or remodeling is finished to make sure the
systems are clean.

Real Estate agents and home inspectors recommend DUCTZ to make sure
the HVAC system and air ducts are cleaned before new owners move in. This
gives them peace of mind when purchasing and moving into a new home. The
services that DUCTZ offers also helps smokers and pet owners sell their
homes easier when odor may have been an obstacle.

DUCTZ is here to help consumers and business owners fulfill their needs.
Please visit our website at www.ductz.com or call us at 410-692-9775 to
schedule your air duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement service

Contact us at 410-692-9775 or click here

DUCTZ of the Upper Bay Region air duct and dryer vent cleaning
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We are referrable!   Our partners have faith and trust in us
to perform in an exemplary manner time in and time out
and not jeopardize their businesses.

Prerequisites: In order to be referable, DUCTZ ensures
that it gives you:

– no hidden fees, honest work done the right way,
the first time, at fair pricing.

Peace of Mind – Timely, neat, trained, and certified
professionals representing you on every job.

Value – Your customer is our customer.  We don’t work
without you.  Our best interests are the same.

Expertise – We have authored standards for the industry,
and our expertise breeds customer confidence.

The Guarantee – While it is not possible to say how long a
system will stay clean after duct cleaning (so much depends
on filtration, customer home/office hygiene etc)  Each job
receives a before/after photo report, showing the
cleanliness level were able to achieve…far from the
standard.  We guarantee achievement to the NADCA
ACR2013 cleanliness standards.

Consistency – We’ve been there, done that, and will do it
time and time again.

Added Value – We do what we say, and often go beyond
that.  One of our goals is to help your business grow too.  If
you prosper, we prosper,  If you don’t, neither do we.

Reputation – Our reputation is built on expert workmanship
and outstanding customer care, And we have a track record
to prove it.

A Personal Touch -  We follow up on our jobs with phone
calls, customer surveys, and job site inspections.  We care
about customer delight, our business relies on customer
and partner referral.

Cleanliness – Our technicians are clean cut and in uniform,
our trucks and equipment are clean and well maintained,
we use drop cloths, corner protectors, and even boot covers
to assure your customers home or office is respected.

Reward - DUCTZ knows that our sales come from referrals,
so we have the ability to offer referral commissions in some
cases.  Call Scott Jasion 410-692-9775 if you are interested
in discussing the possibilities.